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In the dynamic world of digital imagery, the ability to personalize AI-generated images is a game-changer. Inside Face, a Discord bot, offers a unique feature of integrating your face into various images, enhancing the personalization of digital content. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process in detail, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

1. Installing Inside Face Bot

Finding and Adding the Bot:

  • Search: Begin by opening your web browser and typing “Inside Face Discord” into Google. This search will lead you to the bot’s official page.
  • Selecting the Server: Click on the first link, which will redirect you to the bot’s authorization page. Here, you’ll see a list of your Discord servers. Select the server where you wish to install Inside Face.
  • Authorization: After selecting your server, click ‘continue’ to proceed. You will then be asked to authorize the bot. This step is crucial as it grants the bot necessary permissions to operate within your server.
  • Confirmation: Complete the process by confirming that you are not a robot, ensuring a secure addition of the bot to your server.


2. Saving Your ID

Creating a Digital Identity:

  • Accessing Commands: Once Inside Face is successfully added to your server, new commands specific to the bot become available. These commands are essential for the face-swapping process.
  • Selecting Your Image: Choose a clear and well-lit portrait of yourself. This image will be used to create your digital ID. The clarity of this image is vital for accurate face recognition and swapping.
  • Naming Your ID: After selecting your image, give it a unique name. This name (e.g., “Manu”) will be used to reference your ID in future commands.
  • Uploading and Saving: Upload the chosen image to your Discord server and use the command provided by Inside Face to save your ID. Press Enter to complete the process. The bot will create a 3D scan of your face from the image, establishing your digital identity on the server.


3. Face Swapping

Integrating Your Face into Images:

  • Choosing the Target Image: Navigate to the image within Discord where you wish to swap faces. This could be any image accessible in your server’s channels.
  • Using the Swapper: Click on the three dots (‘More options’) in the corner of the image post. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Apps’ and then choose ‘Swapper’ from the list of available options.
  • Executing the Swap: Once you select ‘Swapper’, Inside Face will automatically replace the face in the target image with the one from your saved ID. This process is typically swift, depending on the server’s response time.


4. Credits and Limitations

Understanding the Bot’s Quota:

  • Daily Credits: Inside Face allocates 50 credits daily for each user. These credits are used each time you swap faces in an image.
  • Planning Your Usage: Given the daily limit, it’s important to plan your face swaps strategically, especially if you intend to use the feature frequently throughout the day.
  • Credit Renewal: The good news is that these credits are renewed every 24 hours. This means you get a fresh quota of 50 credits each day.


5. Managing Multiple IDs

Handling Various Digital Personas:

  • Creating Additional IDs: Inside Face allows you to create and save multiple IDs. This feature is particularly useful if you want to experiment with different looks or if multiple users are accessing the bot on the same server.
  • Switching Between IDs: If you have saved more than one ID, you can switch between them using the ‘set ID’ command. This command lets you select which saved face you want to use for your next swap.
  • Organizing Your IDs: Keep track of your IDs and their respective names. Proper organization will help you easily manage and use your IDs effectively.

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FAQ: Using InsideFace with Mid Journey on Discord

  • What is Inside Face? Inside Face is a Discord bot used for swapping faces in images.


  • Do I need special software to use Inside Face? No, you just need Discord and the Inside Face bot installed on your server.


  • Is Inside Face free to use? Yes, but it comes with a daily limit of 50 credits for face swaps.


  • Can I use Inside Face for any image? Inside Face works best with clear, well-lit portraits for accurate face swapping.


  • How many IDs can I save with Inside Face? You can save multiple IDs, typically around 10, but it’s best to check the bot’s current limitations.


  • What happens if I run out of daily credits? Once you exhaust your daily credits, you’ll need to wait until the next day for a refresh.


  • Can I delete an ID from Inside Face? Yes, you can delete an ID using the “Del ID” command.


  • Is Inside Face suitable for professional use? While it can be used professionally, ensure the quality and appropriateness for your specific needs.


  • How accurate is the face swapping feature? The accuracy depends on the quality of the original image and the saved ID.


  • Can I swap faces with celebrities or public figures? Technically yes, but always be mindful of privacy and copyright laws.


Conclusion about InsideFace

Using Inside Face on Discord opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to personalize images in a fun and interactive way. Whether for personal amusement or enhancing digital content, this tool adds a unique flair to your online presence. Remember to use this feature responsibly and enjoy the creative process of bringing your digital persona to life in various scenarios.

Written by Timothy Gaschereau

Hi Earthling, I'm Timothy, an Astronaut at Allo Houston. I've served as the Chief Marketing Officer for various companies in France and Australia, and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle across Europe for two years. My passion? Elevating brands to shine brighter than the sun.

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